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BERICAP: Competence in Carbonated Beverages, Beer and Still drinks

Knowing the special needs of the Beverage market since many, many years, the BERICAP product portfolio perfectly covers our customers’ requirements.

Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) & Carbonated Water

Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) & Carbonated Water need special handling. While unavoidable damage to PET bottle necks can occur accidentally, even small scratches on the inside bore seal or dents on the outside surface of the neck are likely to endanger product quality. BERICAP developed the specific DoubleSeal™ technology, which, as the name implies, copes with this minor damage by providing two seals: one on the inner surface and one on the outer. BERICAP closures with the DoubleSeal™ technology can reliably compensate this minor damage. It has been used commercially since 1998 in all climatic zones. Many billions are produced every year in the various BERICAP locations. It is resistant to temperature peaks during transport. Naturally, customized designs are available.

Besides CSD, the DoubleSeal™ technology is applicable to still products with or without nitrogen, hot filled or aseptically filled products, and for all products requiring enhanced sealability of the package.

Still Mineral Water

Still Mineral Water is life, and needs specific protection. A good reason to offer the best closure solutions for consumer packs, large containers from 3-10 ltr and 20 ltr containers for home-and-office-delivery (HOD), screw caps and sports caps for all common neck finishes, center hole screw caps for home dispensing systems, as well as cost-efficient, liquid-tight closure solutions for HOD containers. Most of our closures permit individual designs or printing options and are equipped with well-performing tamper evidence bands. 

Standing for high quality, we take care to use only resins which neither taint the water nor create any off-taste or odor. We run our own laboratories to test closure performance, having special regard to our customers’ requirements.

Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups (JETS)

Markets with broad product variety need closure solutions which offer the same diversity. The BERICAP closure program for JETS (Juices, Energy Drinks, Teas and Syrups) includes solutions for the whole product range, applicable to both hot fill and aseptic filling processes. We offer flat caps as well as sports caps (e.g. PushPull and ThumbUp) in different diameters.

Consumer convenience and lightweight of packaging have been strong trends. Commercial pressure has driven weight so far that consumer convenience has been impacted. BERICAP provides the right balance with lightweight closures simultaneously offering convenient grip facilitating ease of opening. All BERICAP closures are absolutely mature in terms of technical design. Our closures are safe for high-speed filling lines and have extremely low reject rates (< 1/10,000). They are suitable for use in every geographical temperature zone, fit for low surface-tension products like sports drinks and satisfy the highest convenience requirements in terms of easy opening and re-closing. Naturally, all BERICAP closures come with a reliable tamper evidence band. Top printing and laser printing are available, along with a wide variety of different colors.


Beer filled in PET bottles has become increasingly important over the last few years. Both fillers and consumers appreciate the advantages of modern PET packaging. Besides the general benefits of PET bottles, namely their light weight and the fact that they are unbreakable and hygienic, PET avoids the main disadvantages of cans while being comparable in terms of price. Unlike to cans, PET bottles are re-closable. The beer inside is visible through the bottle, and marketing areas can be placed on labels as well as on the closure.

BERICAP has been supported the development of beer filled in PET bottles from the very beginning. More than 9 bn closures for the beer industry have been produced since 2003. As global player with a primary focus on quality and innovation, we have been making strong efforts to promote PET for filled beer. Our closures can withstand pasteurization processes at 65°C for 20 minutes after cold filling, which is a common practice especially for beer mix drinks. We offer detailed knowledge in aspects such as superior lining systems, O2 reduction using an in-shell molded liner which is absorbs the O2 remaining in the headspace, and conversion of filling lines. 

Home & Office Delivery (HOD)

The market for Home & Office Delivery (HOD) of water has been growing continuously in recent years. While employers and home consumers alike appreciate the comfort, suppliers still struggle with poor neck quality and therefore leaking bottles, counterfeits, and high-weight solutions. We produce closures and handles for 5 to 10 liter containers (mainly with 48 mm neck finish) and closures for 5 gallon containers. 

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