The story of Puerto de Indias begins at the heart of Seville, when chance and ingenuity were combined to change the destiny of this small, traditional distillery.


Puerto de Indias is the creator of the first strawberry gin.


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It is the story of two brothers from Seville, who following their intuition and love for the region, purchased one of the oldest distilleries in Andalusia (Spain), Los Alcores de Carmona. Unbeknownst to them, their passion for tradition and innovation would begin the greatest revolution of the gin sector from a small corner of Seville.

The plot of Puerto de Indias is one of a beautiful accident, because the intention of the founders had been to macerate fresh strawberries in alcohol and sell the product to local patisseries. When spring came, however, the heat in Seville presented a unique opportunity: the pressed strawberries had diluted themselves into the alcohol, colouring it pink. From there, guided by intuition and passion, came a spirit that no-one had seen before – the original strawberry gin.

Always going against the flow, the history of Puerto de Indias demonstrates the boldness of knowing that new rules are created by breaking the old ones.


According to the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR 22), Puerto de Indias is one of the Top 10 Gin Brands Worldwide. And this is no coincidence, it’s the combination of know-how and innovation, in addition to dedication, traditional production and care in its meticulous distillation process that have created a product with its own personality, which has become the first globally successful Spanish gin. Puerto de Indias is now present in more than 50 countries and has garnered prestigious international awards, such as the gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021 and the Women's Wine & Spirits Competition 2022, among others.


Puerto de Indias is how the Pink Gin category was born, bringing with it a flavour revolution and a new way of drinking gin.

This sevillian gin distils natural fresh strawberries, taking from them the flavour and the aroma, opening a new universe of flavor which until now was unimaginable. There are no artificial flavorings or colourings involved in the distilling process. It is smoothness, sweetness and personality. 

This extraordinary gin was created to be enjoyed by consumers who are not experts in dry distilled spirits and who are amazed by an authentic and original flavor which combines the bitterness of gin and the sweetness of strawberries.

International love for the strawberry gin, has cultivated a fanbase, also known as the Puerto Lovers. Boasting flavours of strawberry, juniper and light citrus, the bottling is recommended served with 200ml tonic water and sliced strawberries.

Distilled from natural strawberries


The rainbow bottle of Puerto de Indias filled with its Strawberry Gin, is not just a limited-edition run for the month of the pride, but will be available 365 days of the year, making it the first ever ‘Unlimited Edition’ bottle” created by the sevillian gin brand.

The Proud Bottle shows the brand's commitment to fighting discrimination all year long and has been very successful in Spain after its launching last year. Now available in the U.S market, where it is operating with the same strength as in its country of origin.