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Wellness is currently one of the dominant trends in the drinks industry, particularly among younger consumers. Explored in various ways, from the 'war' on sugar to various products claiming to offer health benefit functionality, companies are rushing to cater to consumer demand for products that make them feel better. The industry is still testing the waters in a lot of ways but the demand is such that new product launches in the sector are only likely to continue at pace. 

At the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Strategy Congress in February, we had a chance to talk to James Shillcock, founder and CEO of Vivid Drinks, about the ways in which the industry is adapting around wellness. Vivid has a focus on the benefits and development of nootropic products, and Shillcock told us why nootropics were an area to watch and the areas the company is looking to push into in the future. From mushrooms to adaptogens, the field for wellness beverages is only set to expand. 


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