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Dairy, the source of life. 

On the next page we’ll introduce you to the Strategic Value Propositions that Interfood provides to support you in your daily dairy business. The global dairy industry has changed significantly in the 50 years of our company’s history. Let’s explore how we have adapted to the ever-growing demand, while still maintaining our personal Interfood touch. 


In the year 2020 we are going to celebrate Interfood’s 50th anniversary, together with our valued business partners and our employees. Coming from a small local family business, having grown into the trusted leading global dairy company we are today. Below we would like to take you through the rich history of our company.  


Dairy is in our DNA, our way of life and the lives of our people. We focus on both our customers’ people and our own people, which is one of the most important aspects of our business. It is our goal to unburden our customers and suppliers and to give them the opportunity to focus on their core business. But how did we get here? Let’s find out! 

1970 – 1980

The Foundation of Interfood: the company was established in the Netherlands, dedicated to European trade, exporting condensed milk and calf milk replacers from Holland to Italy and Greece. 

1980 – 1990

The organisation grew to 16 employees by the end of the decade. Our focus was to provide our European customers with products such as skimmed milk powder and whey powder. At the end of the decade Interfood also began exporting to countries outside of Europe which led to more focus on export from the European Union. 

1990 – 2000

Interfood went global. In this era the base for our current global structure was created, opening offices on all continents with local people sharing the same dairy passion as the Dutch founders did. At the end of this era, we were counting 150 employees that were supplying milk powders, whey powders, butter, AMF, and cheese all over the globe.

2000 – 2010

Interfood’s global structure was set, and therefore the time had come to further develop our service, logistics and financial programs. Our Quality Assurance and Technical Development teams as well as our Ingredients business were established. By then our commodity portfolio was also completed with liquids. The global Interfood offices were all working together, sharing market and product information on a structured basis, developing the global dairy market.

2010 – 2020

Interfood’s global structure has been changed into a HUB structure within one group, with the principle ‘Group Above Office’. Our passed values and our high level of service that brought us where we are today still remained. Interfood expanded services for derivatives and added a lot of value through Technical Service, with  ‘Dairy Value Engineering’ established in 2017. 

In 2018, our Strategic Value Propositions were implemented across the globe to offer the best possible service in global dairy. Global Market Insight, Price Risk Management Solutions, Supply Chain Solutions and Technical Service have been developed and perfected, making us the ‘Partner of Choice’ for the dairy industry. With long-term agreements because of the trust and appreciation from both our customers and suppliers, we are currently trading more than 1,000,000 MT of dairy products globally. 


In 2020 we are going to celebrate our 50th anniversary. We are very proud of the company we are today and we would like to celebrate this milestone with both our colleagues and our customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders. We’re ready for the next 50 years in the global dairy industry. No one knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain; we will be there following our passion and doing what we do best. And that is taking care of your business!

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