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One of the consequences of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns has been an increase in demand from consumers for products with inherent health benefits. In this issue, we take a look at the rising number of products in the soft drinks category that offer multiple functional elements; specifically the rise of adaptogens.

We also muse on the somewhat patronising nature of marketing in spirits towards women, as highlighted by Barcardi's recent Plume and Petal fiasco, as we ask: why are brand owners still getting women wrong? And, following the last few months of protests and social awakening around social inequality when it comes to race, we also take a look at the world of wine, and why black lives matter in the industry now more than ever.

As lockdowns have lifted across many countries recently, safety concerns are causing the more mature generation to react in different ways to younger drinkers. We look into how this might spell trouble for certain areas of the off-premise, while the extra caution among older consumers will drive growth in other areas.

When it comes to craft beer, for many years the unpredictability when it came to consistency was seen as something of a boon – the 'luck of the draw' reflecting the small scale, 'honest' production methods. However, as consumers are asking for more consistency, we highlight why craft brewers need to step up their efforts in quality control.

We also highlight the biggest social media influencers in the world of beer: who should you be following? And lastly, looking ahead to the future, we highlight the key coffee trends for the coming year.

Peter Nilson, editor

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