A Toast to Tradition:

Kavka Vodka and Marrakech Gin Join Paragon's Premium Portfolio

Advocating the use of pure and environmental-friendly packaging; alongside natural and organic raw materials of finest quality; Paragon Trading Asia Limited provide an exquisite range of classy beverages that caters to the epicurean desires of a large portion of demographics across the Asia Pacific region. 
We seek to bring unique opportunities, stories and memorable flavors to Asia-Pacific customers who are open to redefining luxury, innovation and the ways with which they experience the world. Paragon is also a believer in authenticity, craftsmanship and sustainability, values that speak for themselves and are represented in every one of its product offerings.  
Paragon Trading Asia honors its position as a premium retailer in Asia-Pacific area of a variety of foreign wine and beverage brands, among which the most notable are Gladstone from Wairarapa, New Zealand and Silkie Whiskey from Ireland and a revolutionary concept of beWater™ Phenomenal aluminum canned purified water.

Furthermore. we are also the distributor of Award-winning premium whiskies and gins sourced from our very own distillery from Carrick, Ireland. As a new entrant in the Asia Pacific market, our Silkie Whiskey had been fortunate to be the Category Winner of several Gold Medal awards for being ‘the best blended whisky in the world’ at the World Whisky Fair 2021; at San Francisco.

The global organic wine sector is expected to register a CAGR of 10.5% to 2030, meanwhile the CAGR of single-malt whiskey market is expected to be 7.94% p.a. through 2028.

Now, Paragon is excited to announce new partnerships with London-based CBA Gin Co’s Marrakech Gin, and Poland’s Kavka Vodka.

Marrakech Gin

Marrakech Gin takes you on a sensory journey through the bustling souks and enchanting aromas of Morocco, capturing the essence of Marrakech's vibrant atmosphere. Imbued with a symphony of bright citrus and fragrant Moroccan spices, the deep blue bottle harbors a classic gin experience. A fusion of 19 botanicals, including fresh lemon peel, mint, coriander, and turmeric, results in a premium spirit that elevates the gin-drinking experience. It's a magic carpet that transports you to the heart of Marrakech, allowing you to savor its exotic flavors and immerse yourself in its captivating charm.

Kavka Vodka

Kavka Vodka takes pride in reviving the rich vodka-making heritage of Poland, harkening back to the 19th century when spirits were crafted to emphasize taste and individuality. Rooted in tradition, this vodka is a meticulous blend of fine rye and wheat spirits, enriched with small quantities of aged pot-stilled fruit spirits—apple and plum. The crisp acidity from apples and the sweet depth from plums combine to create a classic vodka with unparalleled complexity, depth, and smoothness. Founder Jan Woroniecki, with his Polish heritage, has been a stalwart in the Eastern European restaurant scene, and Kavka Vodka is a testament to his commitment to quality. 

beWater™ Phenomenal

An environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bottled water, beWater™ Phenomenal was created to help eliminate single-use plastics and reduce impact on the natural water table in one of the fastest sinking areas in the world. As reported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, water scarcity and quality is an ever-growing concern for many countries across the APAC region that affects hundreds of millions of people - Paragon was determined to do their bit in helping the situation.

beWater™ Phenomenal is produced from municipal water sources and filtered with ISO-certified advanced reverse osmosis and UV light for a fresh and clean taste.  Available in recyclable aluminium, socially sustainable, and convenient to enjoy.   

Paragon’s strategy over the next five years is to increase its market share for up to 20% across the Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea Thailand and China. A range of marketing campaigns has been launched across the region with large supermarkets, luxury hotels and private clubs.   
Soon, you shall find our Phenomenal water brand across Hong Kong and Greater China. Its distinctive aqua blue outer package made of environmentally friendly aluminium which is both eco-friendly and pro-ESG. You may also start enjoying the exquisite flavours of our wine and spirits in luxury hotels or private clubs across the Asia Pacific region forthwith. 
Christopher Liang, as the Chairman and CEO of Paragon Trading Asia, is at the helm of this selection of Class A products, and possesses a vast network of contacts in the F&B industry throughout the APEC region; a territory with incredible year-on-year growth and an increasing appreciation for Western wines and spirits.

Out of his love for western wine culture, he established The Hong Kong Wine Culture Chamber in 2021 to provide the metropolis with more wine related events, viticultural educational programs, and privileged access to premium wine imports at an affordable price point.  
Christopher is a Canadian-Chinese dual national, with footprints in North and South America; Asia; Europe and Australasia. He is also a certified Whisky Ambassador and WSET award holder as well as the appointed brand ambassador for the abovementioned range of beverage products. Christopher is a strong believer that the best drinks always taste better when shared, and he looks forward to sharing them with you at one of his upcoming of wine tastings events. 
Paragon Trading Asia is headquartered in Hong Kong, a freeport and member of APEC, but remains the head of distribution for the APEC arena; a confederation of over 21member economies.

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