They say that variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true when it comes to our malt. We supply a wide variety of malts from our four malt houses across the UK, Ireland, Belgium and France, giving the craft brewers the ultimate CHOICE in premium malts.

Our malts have stood the test of time and benefit from  a know-how deeply rooted in tradition. Our expertise is combined with the most up to date equipment and processes allowing us to provide local breweries for more than 150 years, some of the world’s most renowned craft brewer, and also new generations of craft brewers.

Select a range of coloured malts from the darkest depths of the UK Pauls Malt Roast House or try the delicate colour and aroma of our Belgian Pilsen malt. If you are a fan of terroir, then our Irish Hook Head Series Ale Malt is the one for you or if you want some advice and support to set up you craft brewery our French Les Maltiers Malt is right up your street.

Whether you are looking, to produce traditional or modern-styled beers with flavoursome malt, or to make your project come true, our Malt Houses will be the best choice to make your beer unique.