GEA solutions for successful breweries

From craft to large breweries, GEA is a leading global specialist with a comprehensive understanding of your brewery. From the mill to the valve manifold of the bright beer tanks to the filling and end-of-line packaging, we have solutions for the complete brewing process. Our core competence is in greenfield projects as well as in process optimization, modernization and extension.

Brewery 360



Craft Brewery


From brewing, processing, filling and packaging, utilities, automation and service – GEA meets the demand for 360º end-to-end solutions enabling us to offer a complete brewery portfolio of highly flexible and multi-functional products and technologies for the brewing industry.  

Your journey starts from the stage of conceptual design, through to the delivery of state-of-the-art customized plants.  From supplying and installing individual components and systems, to the integration of energy efficient utilities, refrigeration plants, water and waste management and recycling solutions, we will meet every deliverable and deadline.

The GEA Vision: Brewery 4.0

GEA’s visionary „Brewery 4.0” concepts, such as continuous brewing aspects, a revolutionary production management system and new developments in digitalization and big data handling will lead to the next level of beer production. The GEA innovation packages include:

  • Big data handling and manufacturing execution systems (MES) that facilitate sophisticated trend analysis and allows the making of management decisions based on long-term trend evaluations.
  • Next generation process decanters as a continuous mash separation solution with high extract efficiency.
  • A highly efficient wort handling system with minimal evaporation rate combined with an optimized energy recovery tool.
  • Optimized fermentation and maturation steps for cost-effective beer production.
  • Precision dosing and blending units to meet the “just-in-time” needs of a demanding market, maintain the availability of specific brands and ensure maximum supply chain flexibility.

Each innovation package can be realized individually. 

GEA craft brewing solutions

With hundreds of new and different beer styles entering the market every year and increasing customer awareness of beer quality, craft breweries are on the way up. All over the world, passionate brewers explore high-quality ingredients and optimize both traditional and experimental recipes, all to excite their consumers’ palate. With our cost-efficient, skid-mounted and modular systems of any size you are equipped for every application.

  • COMPACT-STAR™: Combining the efficiency of GEA’s larger-sized systems with the flexibility you need to create a variety of beer types. The customizable brewhouse line, based on pre-assembled modules for 40 to 115 hl cast out wort volume and a performance of up to 12 brews per day.
  • CRAFT-STAR™: The skid-mounted CRAFT-STAR™ artisan brewhouse is a real power house mastering diverse recipes with ease and able to brew 40 to 50 hl of hot wort.