100% FREE | 100% ONLINE | 1- 4 JUNE 2021


You are a craft brewer and you just started your brewery? You have been in the industry, quite successfully, for the last few years and would like to speed up and bring your brewery to the next level? You work for a family-owned brewery which has been around for a couple of decades and would like to anticipate the upcoming trends of the industry? Your brewery has an international presence and you want to stay up-to-date with the latest evolution? You are a supplier of the brewing industry, a wholesaler, a distributor and want to stay in line with what the brewing sector is striving to?

Then the Brewers of Europe Forum is the right place for you!

It will feature:

  • High-level conferences

  • Networking opportunities

  • Access to suppliers


Get ready for a fantastic 2021 online edition of the Brewers Forum! The programme is now online and you can discover the range of topics as well as the list of our inspiring speakers!

The general state of the brewing industry on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and what challenges our sector will face in the next years.

How sustainability will drive industry’s future, what policy-makers are cooking and what brewers are doing to lead the way towards a green future for beer, consumers and our planet.

Practical advices and do’s and don’ts to market your products through the right channel, be it the off-trade or by making the most of the digital solutions and to tell your story to consumers.

Technical advice by brew masters and lead experts to brew the perfect lager, invest in hard seltzer, master the arts of barrel-ageing and develop your own range of non-alcoholic beers in a small brewery.

The latest trends in beer styles innovation, mixing tradition and modernity, as well as on packaging with a focus on cans.

IT'S 100% FREE. IT'S 100% ONLINE.