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Herti is a trusted partner for brand protection. The driving force of the Company is the development of innovative ideas corresponding to the company slogan “Your brand tomorrow is our business today”.


ounded as a start-up company specialized in metal packaging and producing only two kinds of aluminum caps, Herti is now a public company with subsidiaries in the UK, France, Germany, United States and Romania.

Herti was founded in 1993 by three young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria with the main idea of producing aluminum screw caps for vodka and brandy to supply the distilleries in the country with high quality products and ensure them the best service. The production started with one machine producing 2 sizes of screw caps for spirits and only 10 workers. The founders did not know anything about producing screw caps but there dream was to make the first such company in Bulgaria and serve customers at European level. So step by step they started to build and develop their company with their look at the customers’ needs and requirements. Now Herti is a public company producing more than one billion screw caps in 40 sizes and sells its products in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Alcohol making has a long history that spans thousands of years, evolving together with the surrounding world. In the 15th century, several native civilizations had developed alcoholic beverages. The drinking habits developed and so did the regulations and packaging. Being an important part of the packaging, the closures play a critical role in drinks evolution.

The aluminum screw caps have a long history and a broad popularity. They are very easy to open and reseal and they are 100% recyclable.

Herti manufactures aluminum screw caps in more than 40 different sizes that can be used on almost every kind of bottle for spirits. Herti offers closures with a diameter varying from 17 to 43 mm and height from 12 to 60 mm. They are used for sealing bottles with various capacities starting from 50 ml to a gallon (4.54 l). The variety of sizes, shapes and printing possibilities helps manufacturers to create attractive packaging for their many different brands. Customers may choose from different design options up to 5 colors offset printing, matt, semi-matt and glossy finish, hot- foil printing, embossing and top-relief.

Herti’s aluminum ROPP closures are widely used by whisky producers with the most common sizes 30x35 and 36x52. Closures with EPE liner, typical for the alcohol drinks, have numerous possibilities for decoration and contribute to the overall perception of the brand. For brand safety and to avoid the risk of counterfeits Herti offers composite closures and aluminum closures with non-refillable pourers that prevent the bottles from being refilled.

Herti invests constantly and continuously in the latest production technologies and organizational improvements to guarantee its clients the best service and the highest quality of products. What we do differently is service and timing. We build mutual partnerships and maintain continuous contact with every client and always keep our promises.
Our goal for the next several years is to keep the level of service and optimize the processes to reach higher social performance for the company.

Herti is an environmentally conscious company and is dedicated to the effective use of natural resources. For the last few years we have made some significant changes and improvements in our production process. Our R&D department worked on optimizing of tooling instruments that lead to saving energy and decreased waste from production. We also moved to adiabatic cooling system in the production facilities that helped to further save energy and water. The company works in the direction of waste reduction and responsible management of chemicals and mixtures in strict compliance with safety and storage recommendations, which aims to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment. Herti – JSC is a member of the international non-governmental organizations SEDEX and EcoVadis, which provide information on the ethical relationship in the supply chain and evaluate the performance of companies in the field of compliance with labor legislation, health and safety working conditions, environmental protection and business ethics.

In connection with the pandemic situation and the state of emergency declared in March 2020, the company has developed a plan and program to deal with the situation. The main goal is to preserve the health and life of the employees of the company, as well as of all partners and to ensure the continuity of the production process and the supply chain for the timely execution of customer orders. Our team is always ready to help and support our partners.

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