Welcome to the latest edition of Just Drinks’ digital magazine.  

It’s self-evident that central to each brand’s proposition is the liquid itself – taste is king – but more attention is being paid to how drinks are bottled and packaged. 

Brand owners the world over are working on trying to make their businesses more environmentally sustainable and areas like packaging and labelling are under board-level scrutiny (and, increasingly, from regulators). 

And, in a period of pressure on consumer spending, packaging can also be part of a marketeer’s toolkit as brands fight to convince drinkers to buy their products over the competition. 

In this issue, we ask if glass could ever be replaced as the vessel of choice for wine, explore the arguments about the standardisation of packaging (green genius or marketing madness?) and hear how bottle design can be a way for distillers to attract drinkers watching what they spend.

Dean Best, managing editor