Patent applications related to ESG increased by 14% per year on average in the beverages industry since 2020

Credit: Bert van Dijk/Getty images.

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The global beverages industry experienced a 14% increase in annual average growth rate (AAGR) in the number of ESG-related patent applications between 2020 and 2022. The total number of ESG-related grants increased by an AAGR of 5% during the same period, according to GlobalData's patent analytics database.

Notably, the number of ESG-related patent applications in the beverages industry was 2,578 since 2020, while 873 applications were granted.

The top five assignees by filings accounted for 20% of patent applications

Analysis of patent applications by assignee shows that Kotobuki Realty filed the most ESG patents within the beverages industry since 2020. The company filed 65 ESG-related patents since 2020.

It was followed by L'Arche Green (47 applications), Jiangnan University (42 applications), Corteva (27 applications) and Nestle (22 applications).

The top five assignees by grants accounted for 19% of successful patent grants

Analysis of patent grants by companies shows that Corteva was granted 29 patents related to ESG within the beverages industry since 2020. It was followed by Kotobuki Realty (23 grants), Anheuser-Busch InBev (13 grants), Kangnam University (13 grants) and Omya International (11 grants).

Patent activity was driven by China with a 49% share of total patent publications

The largest share of ESG-related patent publications in the beverages industry since 2020 was held by China with 49%, followed by the US (13%) and South Korea (7%).

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