Olive oil and coffee are enjoyed by billions of consumers globally, but rarely at the same time, in the same product. That is now possible with Lionel Giraud Lavazza olive oil with coffee, a combination of 100% organic olive oil and Lavazza cold-brew coffee. French chef Lionel Giraud – chef of the famous restaurant "La Table Saint-Crescent" in Narbonne, France – reportedly worked on this blend of olive oil and coffee for two years before settling on the product that carries his name. 

This unique new condiment starts with 100% organic arbequina olive oil, which is a type of olive oil renowned for its nutty taste. Blending this olive oil with Lavazza coffee produces a sweet, aromatic olive oil with a "strong and unprecedented flavour." This product is marketed as being suitable for a wide range of foods, including mashed potatoes, red meat, bread, and toast. Packaged in a 250ml bottle, the product retails for E17.90.

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director for GlobalData, says: "Olive oil is a big business in countries like France and Italy, with the latter market worth roughly $1.6bn. Growing volume in national markets where olive oil is ubiquitous can be difficult, however. Lionel Giraud Lavazza olive oil with coffee seems up to the challenge, tweaking olive oil by adding coffee that imparts strong flavour and aroma notes while broadening the range of usage applications for olive oil in the process. This product is also in line with current flavour trends that see coffee moving into new food and drink categories such as alcoholic drinks like beer, whiskey, and tequila as well as confectionery products like gummy candy." 

He adds: "Health-wise, coffee and olive oil both tend to be seen in a positive light, especially olive oil. According to GlobalData's 2017 Q1 global consumer survey, 76% of consumers believe that olive oil has a positive impact on health, a figure that rises to 77% in France and 78% in Italy. That solid base of support may make consumers more likely to broaden their usage of olive oil with innovations like this."

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Image courtesy of La Brigade des Gourmets