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In numbers


Constellation Brands’ investment in Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth

Source: Drinks Insight Network


The CO2 output reduction from Jimmy’s Iced Coffees switch to bio-based caps

Source: Sunny Bird


Coca-Cola’s organic revenues growth for Q3 2018

Source: Drinks Insight Network


The number of new points of distribution GreenSpace Brands’ products are expanding into

Source: GreenSpace Brands

$388.4 bn

The projected size of the US soft drinks market by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.1%.

Source: Research and Markets


The number of Chinese cities Carlsberg plans to be present in by the end of 2020

Source: just-drinks


The age of the John Walker Masters' Edition whiskey, Johnnie Walkers’ first ever 50 year old Scotch

Source: Johnnie Walker

Holy Turtle sets out to clean up the seas

SodaStream has launched the ‘Holy Turtle’, a 1,000ft long floating unit designed to be towed by two marine vessels along kilometres of open waters and capture floating waste. Initially piloted off the coast of Roatán, Honduras, this is the first known attempt by a commercial company to undertake a physical clean-up of trash from open waters. 

Source: SodaStream International 

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