Unleash your creativity and transform glass bottle design with O-I : EXPRESSIONS

O-I : EXPRESSIONS, an innovation developed for design agencies, packaging professionals and food and beverage marketers who want to differentiate their products, offering consumers new reasons to love and choose their brands and glass.

Consumers want tailored experiences

Did you know that 2 in 3 consumers are more likely to buy products developed for their lifestyle? Or that 1 in 4 will pay more for personalized products? 

Personalization facilitates differentiation and uniqueness by creating a product that is perceived as being more closely aligned with individual consumer needs. By increasing product relevance this can enhance engagement and create more involved buying behavior. It can also lead to higher consumer satisfaction at a time when preferences are becoming stronger and more forcefully expressed. Companies can be rewarded with greater loyalty and, at the same time, command a price premium – remember the 25% willing to pay more for a personalized product? Customization drives purchase.

With today’s consumers being more aware and informed of their individual needs than ever, the pressure  is on for brands to better resonate with consumers in more meaningful and relevant ways on an individualized and personal level. Brands that can effectively do this are likely to gain favor among these ”individual-centric” consumers.


A new personalization service that combines the integral benefits of glass with an agile, marketing-focused capability. Enhance how your consumers experience your brand by sculpting your glass packaging into brand-building multidimensional artworks.

Enabled by digital printing, O-I : EXPRESSIONS allows brands to create highly personalized and customized glass packaging at flexible volumes, industrial speeds, and affordable value, with an unprecedented range of color and design possibilities. Leveraging O-I : EXPRESSIONS, brands can respond to growing consumer demands for personalization. Brands will be able to quickly develop packaging to support short campaigns, such as seasonal promotions or limited/special editions. In addition, O-I : EXPRESSIONS uses organic inks - sustaining the recyclability of the glass and reducing waste through lower inventories.

Figure 1: Craft brewhouse: from single-step infusion ale recipes to sophisticated multi-step decoction mashing regimes, GEA provides the right technologies and equipment so you can make your beer exactly your way.

Turn your glass packaging into a canvas…

O-I : EXPRESSIONS offers fast customization on smaller volumes, enabling limited editions, personalization, special artworks and promotional branding activities:

No limits to creativity
Use vibrant saturated colors in every pantone hue or play with transparency – in any case, match brand identity colors.

Small volume print runs
For highly-personalized, ‘made-for-me’ editions. Print runs can be adapted quickly for seasonal promotions and special events.

Multiple versions in one print run
Mass-personalization will be possible as variable data can be used in the same print run.

… Quickly,

Print up to 60 bottles per minute: significantly more capacity than that of other available alternatives. Last minute modifications also possible.

And Sustainably

O-I : EXPRESSIONS uses organic inks, does not impact the 100% recyclability of glass.

Figure 2: We have the right solution for the wide variety of tasks in your brewery, from pipe fence solutions to the fully automated ECO-MATRIX piping system.

Go further and play with the senses

A premium offering combining all the benefits of O-I : EXPRESSIONS with customized tactile effects, such as embossing and color embossing, with speed and ease. 

This additional service can turn glass bottles from 2D canvas into sculptures, enabling experiential marketing which takes the consumer from looking at branding to interacting with it through the sense of touch. 

O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF takes brands a step beyond what was previously thought possible

Figure 2: We have the right solution for the wide variety of tasks in your brewery, from pipe fence solutions to the fully automated ECO-MATRIX piping system.

What logistical benefits does it provide for customers?

With no minimum order quantities, customers are able to avoid over-stocking and to reduce warehousing and the need to dispose of stock.

Mintel foresees opportunities for manufacturers and retailers to help consumers regain trust in food and drink and other things

What are the benefits in terms of time for new product development (NPD)?

Thanks to O-I : EXPRESSIONS, we are talking in weeks rather than months. Typically, a brand owner will approach O-I, requesting a new design using an existing standard or proprietary/private bottle shape. Digital artwork would be developed and approved by the customer, a proof package printed, after which the package would be put into production. The NPD process is very quick – less than a month, but it could be as little as a few days, depending on availability of the print units.

Figure 2: We have the right solution for the wide variety of tasks in your brewery, from pipe fence solutions to the fully automated ECO-MATRIX piping system.

How does this compare to new product development using other decorative options?

The traditional development process to design a new glass package involves a complex series of steps from technical drawing and mold engineering to sampling and full mold set order, which means an NPD process of several months. 

Equally, if a package is screen printed, this requires labour intense pre-press and set-up processes with screen creation and mounting, registration adjustments etc. 

O-I : EXPRESSIONS enables customers to develop a new, differentiated package using a much simpler and shorter digital process: the process contains half the steps vs the process for NPD, and can go straight to commercial production after validation of the samples.

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Figure 2: We have the right solution for the wide variety of tasks in your brewery, from pipe fence solutions to the fully automated ECO-MATRIX piping system.

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