Are you tired of looking for a natural red that survives the UHT process? 

Look no further than ConstantCrimson™ A.

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ConstantCrimson A is a vegan, pH independent, taste neutral color that’s robust enough to withstand the rigors of typical food and beverage processes, and stable to temperature and light storage conditions.

We rigorously researched our superstable colors to ensure they deliver what they promise, subjecting them to harsh processing and various storage conditions to guarantee their stability. And have you ever wondered if using natural colors influences buyers of dairy drinks? We researched that too.

Watch our video to see the results of our study.

There are many reasons to work with our Lycopene based superstable colors, here’s just a few:

Longer lasting color
Proven to withstand even the most demanding processing, storage & lighting conditions

Packaging flexibility
Lasting natural colors offer you greater packaging, display and storage flexibility

Clean labelling

Natural, Vegan, Kosher, Halal, Allergen-free, Non-GMO (Non-GMO Project verified), declared as 'lycopene' or ‘lycopene from red tomatoes’ 

Consumer preference
Wonderful hues enhance the natural positioning of dairy drinks

Color with confidence.

In summary, ConstantCrimson A can withstand even the most demanding processing and storage conditions. It is robust, has a longer shelf life and offers more packaging, display and storage flexibility than its artificial counterparts. This has far-reaching and exciting implications for manufacturers of flavored & colored UHT milk products hesitant to switch from artificial to natural red colors due to quality and stability concerns. 

Our natural Lycopene based pigment also performs excellently compared to other natural red alternatives.

Discover your perfect color match for UHT Dairy drinks with Lycored’s HueFinder.

HueFinder is a unique online color-matching tool which allows manufacturers to find the perfect shade for food and beverage products, access valuable application specific insights and accelerate new product development or natural reformulation projects.

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