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Ecodraft Kegs:
Fresh Taste as
intended by the brewer

“The beverage market has grown tremendously thanks to the evolution of the craft brewing industry. End-consumers are experiencing many different flavors by which they are pickier on what they drink. Fresh taste stays priority when choosing a drink on tap. Together with our team we bring a solution forward that enhances on taste, the environment and waste management for brewers”, says CEO Ulrich Weckx."

A keg for different kind of beverages

Nowadays, there is a lot of choice between kegs on tap, whereby most of the brewers know stainless-steel solutions and single-use kegs. Ecodraft, the new keg of the future, walks the keg line with features of both, by which it was initially created for the beer industry in order to bring four main solutions that were still missing in the brewing industry:

1. The prevention of losing kegs due to export and its remaining deposit value (cashflow).

2. The preservation of fresh taste on tap.

3. The prevention on water consumption for rinsing used kegs.

4. The reduction of the ecological footprint, CO2 and energy, for recycling products.

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Why choose Ecodraft?

Financial win:

Ecodraft kegs don’t have a residual value. “Most of our brewers make sure that the deposit value equals the cost of packaging. When kegs are getting lost during export, you don't need to worry about negative cashflows." 

Fresh drink on tap:

By separating the pressure medium completely from the beverage, the keg supplier protects the preservation of the taste to the fullest. 

Patented double bag system:

Ecodraft only recycles its double bag system, which is 5% of the entire keg. This means that brewers don’t have to put a lot of effort to rinse their kegs. When replacing the double bag system, they always refill 100% sterile.


Reusable kegs need to be reused, obviously. Brewers don’t always like to retrieve their kegs or work with a distribution platform. However, Ecodraft noticed that brewers still collect the kegs, even though it’s a one-way deal. Therefore, they are working on a platform by which kegs can stay in the country of export. This is called a No Ownership whereby the kegs can receive the same reusable purpose as for import.

Suitable for different kind of beverages:

While Ecodraft is relatively new with their ‘Keg of the Future’, they can proudly say that that their reusable kegs are also a perfect fit for other beverages on tap such as wine, cocktails, cold coffee and kombucha.

Quote from our CEO

“It’s challenging to launch an innovative product in a beverage market where steel kegs and PET one-ways already have an established value. It is a continuous process of engineering and team empowerment to create the Ecodraft Keg. Thanks to the beliefs and feedback of our customers and our personnel, we continuously invest in improvements, new technologies and well-trained staff.”

About Ecodraft?

Ecodraft, fresh taste as intended by the brewer

With Ecodraft, it’s never been easier to keg your product in a secure, robust and eco-friendly packaging. The company supplies breweries, wineries, tea- and cider makers all over the world who understand how important it is to use a product that values the content.

With their patented double bag technology, you can be sure there’s no additional CO2, N2 or Oxygen that enters your beverage, in which they focus on protecting the fresh taste that you strive. Added to this freshness and taste, their technology will extend the shelf life of your beverage on tap. Thanks to the reusability, breweries can reduce on administration-, transport- and filling costs and contribute to the environment by choosing an ecological friendly product.

We are a start up, but a big one!

Thanks to Ecodraft’s growing success, the company started to invest in a distribution center in America. “In 2018, we received more and more questions from American brewers, but noticed the extreme costs of shipping kegs to America and beyond”, says CEO Ulrich Weckx. Ecodraft Inc. will be located in Detroit, 10 miles from the Metro International Airport. Other countries such as Canada, Mexico and South America will also benefit from this new business site. The sky is the limit for Ecodraft by Cardiff Group NV, and we keep on improving and innovating.

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