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Plants and services for the industrial water and wastewater treatment

EnviroChemie GmbH has established a reputation for energy and resource efficient technologies for water and wastewater treatment and recycling, specializing in developing and implementing customized solutions in the food processing industry. 

We offer a holistic range of “Made in Germany” branded products and services based on biological, membrane filtration and chemical-physical processes, whose pedigree relies on its long list of research achievements and patents. EnviroChemie adopts a partnership approach in which client specialized needs and characteristics form the basis for individual design, planning, engineering, building and commissioning of treatment plants. 

Plant solutions for water and resource recycling, ZLD or biogas production save valuable resources and energy. We continuously develop the technology lines for physico-chemical, biological and membrane technology water treatment, created in our own research department. Customer-specific solutions can be tested in our own technology centre or in pilot plants. 

Research in new technologies and further development of plants

The legal requirements for wastewater discharge change, and so do the needs of customers in relation to the water qualities used in production. For example, companies are increasingly looking for ways to recycle or reuse water. As a result, there is growing demand for technologies that are energy-efficient and conserve resources. What is more, global challenges, such as limited water reserves and climate change, demand new technologies for the future.

Our research and development department possesses a high level of problem-solving skills, which is the result of the interdisciplinary composition of the team. Biologists, chemists, process engineers and environmental engineers with many years of experience in water technologies work together in research projects with leading universities and research institutes. We regularly act as partners in national and international research projects for the development of future-oriented technologies.

Operation management

Reduce your costs while maintaining your plant at a consistently high level of quality, and rely on our many years of experience in operation management. Concentrate on your production process, while we look after the operational management of the water treatment plants.

We take on the entire water management of your process water treatment, cooling water treatment, and wastewater treatment plants on your behalf. This allows you to significantly reduce the overall costs of the plants.

We analyse the entire life cycle of the plant. In doing so, we do not compromise on quality. As a technology partner, we assume complete responsibility for your water treatment plants: for the quality of all water types, from pure water up to highly polluted wastewater. For water quantities of between 5 m³/day and 50,000 m³/day. On request, we also take on the supply of compressed air, steam, process chemicals, and gas supply.

Water treatment – Product and services

We optimise your processes relating to water treatment, cooling water treatment and wastewater treatment and supply you with exactly those water treatment chemicals that are best suited for your needs.

We only use products that have repeatedly proven their efficacy in our own laboratory, technical centre and in practice. Together with our customers, we individually tailor the respective water treatment chemicals and consumables to their process. We develop custom formulations for operating chemicals in our own application laboratory, which we then also mix and supply.

Key benefits:

  •  A one-stop service
  • Stable processing
  • Optimal operational characteristics
  • Fewer malfunctions
  • Minimised operational complexity
  • Optimised solid-liquid separation 
  • Reduced operating costs

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Our qualifications:

  • Specialist company according to German Water Law
  • Approval as a specialist firm for radiation protection
  • Quality Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015
  • Energy Management certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001:2011
  • Health and Safety Management certified according to BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Founded: 1976 
Team: 580 (2018)
Headquarters: Rossdorf near Frankfurt/M., Germany 
International locations: Austria, Benelux, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, U.A.E.

Contact Information

EnviroChemie GmbH

Jutta Quaiser, Press & PR Manager
In den Leppsteinswiesen 9,

64380 Rossdorf

+49 6154 699 872

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