ARARAT legendary Armenian brandy presents 

Under One Sky

The film which is created to celebrate the redesign of ARARAT. 

ARARAT Armenian Brandy presents:


Following the rich heritage, ARARAT opens yet another volume in the century old history and presents new bottles and packaging of the Legendary Brandy. 

New Range of ARARAT is a global and the brightest visual activation of the brand over the last 10 years. New chapter, which takes the brand to the new dimension in its international positioning, aimed at achieving the status of Global Brandy in the “Premium +” category and involving new consumers.  

Behind this evolutionary for the brand event there is a fundamental research of new trends on the international market, consumer insights, and, most importantly, moments of consumption. The impressive result of several years’ work became possible thanks to the international team of specialists, whose task was to strengthen the place of ARARAT on the traditional markets as well as to conquer stable positions in relatively new markets such as USA and China.  

Cherishing its authenticity of the century refined blends as well as masterly transforming unique traditions into universal values in its innovative products, ARARAT legendary brandy appeals to the quintessential elements of the brand – underlines the biblical mountain and ARARAT logotype, which is an artistic combination of Phoenix and Latin “A”.  

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ARARAT Museum is more than a destination, it’s a unique opportunity to reveal one of the most iconic symbols of Armenia – the legendary Armenian brandy ARARAT.

The visit to the Museum offers an immersive experience to the world of ARARAT: its centuries-old history, rich heritage, the mastery of creation and new facets of ARARAT. Visitors can observe the process of ageing, as the main part of the tour is laid through the Ageing cellar of Yerevan Brandy Company. The tours are ended with a tasting reveal the organoleptic richness of ARARAT brandies as well as present the whole beauty of the ritual. 

Visitors can book a tour in one of the languages offered by ARARAT Museum: Armenian, Russian, English, French, German and Spanish. The tour experience can be completed with the opportunity to buy ARARAT at the specialized Museum shop, where one may always find unique offers. 

The Museum is located in the monumental building of Yerevan Brandy Company, which picturesquely rises at the eastern entrance to the city center and is considered an architectural landmark. With tens of thousands visitors annually coming from different countries worldwide, ARARAT Museum has become one of the top ranked museums in Yerevan and is currently one of the most visited venues in Armenia. 

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The craftsmanship of the Armenian brandy ARARAT

The multifaceted taste of the legendary drink is born in the unity of human talent and the generosity of nature.