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Issue 36 • February 2021

Welcome to the new edition of just-drinks. 

Keen-eyed readers will have already noticed that we've given the magazine a refresh with a new structure and design, which will hopefully make it easier to read and navigate. As always, we are working hard to bring you high-quality coverage of the industry, now including even more analysis from our experts at GlobalData.

Much has been made already, across all sectors, about the new Biden administration's focus on putting the US back on track when it comes to environmental concerns. We learn what this new impetus means for US-based drinks firms. On a similar note, following a recently launched initiative to address deforestation by the Consumer Goods Forum, we ask: are beverage firms paying enough attention to deforestation?

In the spirits category, the low and no alcohol trend has been steadily growing over the past year; resulting in an abundance of new brands and line extensions. We find out why spirits companies may do well to tread carefully, lest they lose the consumer's trust and respect. We also learn how US spirits wholesalers are viewing the coming six months as things start to stabilise a year on from the breakout of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has led to the accelerated adoption of new technology in many businesses, and in the vineyards, it's no different. We highlight some of the new technologies in the world of wine that may well become more of a norm in years to come. Lastly, we look at how the craft beer boom and subsequent consumer awareness surrounding hops could offer marketing opportunities for beer brands.

For this, and more, read on.

Peter Nilson, editor