In partnership with Ball Corporation

Together with our strategic partner, Ball Corporation, the world’s largest aluminum packaging and aerospace company, and leading environmental advocate, Phenomenal-beWater™ is able to deliver sustainable water solutions on a global scale.

Real circularity & recycling support

We’re pioneers of real circularity in water and take a life cycle view of our products. Recycling only works if the cans come back - working with Ball Corporation, we provide crushing stations and easy collection of empty Phenomenal-beWater™ and other aluminum cans.

Sustainability meets

Consumers, especially hotel guests, demand convenience - we provide the easiest way for people to enjoy pure water in a sustainable way with lower lifetime costs than plastic bottles or central filtration systems.

Infinitely recyclable

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and the most recycled material with an estimated 90% of all aluminum in SE Asia and 69% globally being recycled - more than any other material, including glass, plastic, and cardboard.

Regulatory compliant

Phenomenal-beWater™ is the official water of the Vietnam government and supports initiatives across SE Asia and globally to ban single-use plastic, including Vietnam, which will eliminate single-use plastic by 2025. The move to sustainable alternatives is not just the right thing to do, it is the law.


Ball Corporation is a global Fortune 500 company, the world’s largest aluminum packaging manufacturer, and leading sustainability advocate.


“Together with beWater™, Ball Corporation wants to promote can recycling and has installed on-site can collection stations at all Phenomenal-beWater™ locations. This way we offer our hospitality and F&B partners a way to raise awareness of sustainable packaging solutions that help resolve the plastic waste problem.”

- Wannaros Tantranont, Regional Sustainability Director at Ball Corporation


Phenomenal-beWater™ is still water, produced from municipal water sources, and filtered with ISO-certified advanced reverse osmosis and UV light for a fresh and clean taste that’s environmentally-friendly, socially sustainable, and convenient to enjoy.

Using municipal water reduces the impact on the natural water table in one of the fastest sinking areas in the world.

Phenomenal-beWater™ also travels a shorter distance than other premium imported waters, further reducing our carbon footprint.

And with our ‘real circularity’ view we provide support to ensure every Phenomenal-beWater™ product can be recycled and back on shelf within as little as 60 days.

For more information about Phenomenal-Bewater, please contact Mr Christopher LIANG at: christopher@bewatertoo.com

Available in cases of 24 x 330ml Sleek Ball Corporation cans.